AVG Anti-Virus 20112 Year License

avg 2011

MoonCat Price$35.00



  • Surf and search with confidence
  • Keep tough threats out
  • Stay protected on social networks
  • Download, share files and chat safely
  • Support and assistance
  • Play games and watch movies without interruption
  • Scan smarter and faster

Drive Snapshot
MoonCat Price
$55.00 Client/workstation license
$129.00 Server license.


IDrive Snapshot creates an exact Disk Image of your system into a file, including the operating system, installed programs, your data and all security attributes - while windows is running and you continue to work. If desaster strikes (a virus, trojan, or hard disk crash), a complete and exact restauration of your system will be possible in only few minutes. The image file can be mounted as a virtual drive, so you can easily restore (or use) single files or directories, using the Windows Explorer, or other program (e.g. WINDIFF).


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