"I want to thank Chuck at MoonCat computer repair for the outstanding work he did in fixing my businesses computer. Despite our antivirus software, dangerous malware/ spyware made its way into our system and began to play havoc with our computer. With a few easy steps Chuck was able to remove the problem files and save our computer. We were up and running for the next days business and I couldn't beat the price anywhere. I know if I have another problem I am calling MoonCat Computer Repair."
Jason Rivers, UPS Store Owner

“Mooncat ROCKS! Chuck not only built me a great computer but set up a home network and is a great source to go to for IT advice.”
Richard Leonardo

“Chuck took on the challenge of fixing my son’s desk top. He worked as a liaison with HP and accomplished fixing the desk top in a professional and timely manner. Chuck is reliable and a pleasure to work with, I will give him my repeat business for any future laptop or desk top problems I have”
Marilyn Bohrer

“Being an innovator is challenging.

It involves risk and a willingness/desire to see the world in a new way...one that may be unfamiliar to those who surround you.

Chuck was a participant in a cutting-edge program that I ran for his company, Global 360, called "Make Everyone A Marketer." The objective was just as the title suggested. Well, fast forward to this case study (http://smartblogs.com/socialmedia/2011/01/14/your-hidden-and-cost-effective-marketing-assets/) and you see how successful it was.

Leading the pack all along was Chuck. He completely got the concepts and immediately began implementing them, understanding that he could (and did) make a difference in the lives of his customers and his company.

In round 2 (because the senior management team thought that round 1 was so successful), Chuck agreed to serve as a mentor for other employees and he did a phenomenal job, with the right balance of "carrot and stick" ;-)

He inspired them, helped them feel comfortable taking the right types of risks, and pushed them when they needed it. What I saw in this interaction was someone who has not just the vision for a better future, but the ability and drive to execute a plan to make it a reality. I am honored to have Chuck in my network.”

May 23, 2011 Jeremy Epstein, Marketing Navigator, Never Stop Marketing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chuck Romano with the Global 360 MEAM Group. Chuck possesses excellent leadership qualities and shows a keen ability to Mentor not only with the people under him but is willing to share his insights with other members of our MEAM Group. I feel that if it had not been for Chuck's help, I would not have been able to complete my tasks. I would recommend Chuck very highly and look forward to continuing our work association.”

Ruth Gomez, Administrative Assistant, Global 360

“I heartily endorse Chuck Romano. He was my mentor for the Make Everyone a Marketer (MEAM) team. Chuck helped show me new and exciting ways to make us each a remarkable communicator. Thanks, Chuck!”

Charlie Randisi, Documentation and Support Specialist, Global 360

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